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With over 950,000 successful lice treatments performed nationwide, it is no wonder our customers say we have the best lice treatment available. Here is what some of our happy customers have to say.

4873 S. State Street

Murray, UT 84107

4873 S. State Street (Antelope Drive)

Murray, UT 84107

I was so overwhelmed when I found out my daughter had lice! I had no idea what to do. I was so glad that I went to the Lice Clinic of America. They were so wonderful, and put me at ease about the situation. They took time to explain things to me and gave me different options to approach the situation. We ended up buying the heat dryer to take care of the little buggers at home. It was easy to use, and did the trick! We will be recommending them to anyone else we know that unfortunately has to deal with this pesty situation!*

JenniferSalt Lake City, UT

Amazing service and product. Immediate results without harsh chemicals. Three girls with long, thick hair treated here. We will definitely use this service again if the need arises!*

BeckySalt Lake City, UT

Service was friendly. Staff was knowledgeable and very helpful. I tried over the counter products first and they did not work well at all. This treatment, while time consuming, did the trick the first time around! It was SUCH a relief! Go straight here and save yourself from any further headaches and worries.*

E - Salt Lake City, UT

This place was awesome. We were traveling, so found them online. They made my daughter feel completely comfortable. Explained the process, gave them a tablet to play on while they get their hair worked on. So friendly and caring. I highly recommend them.*

JenniferSalt Lake City, UT

I am Justin’s wife and let me tell you, if my family ever gets lice again I will go directly to Lice Clinics of America! I spent soo much money trying to get rid of lice and so much time and still couldn’t get rid of it. I went to lice clinics of America and got rid of it completely with one treatment! It’s definitely worth the money. I would never waste my money or time on anything else! If you or your family ever gets lice or had a very hard time getting rid of it, please go here, they are AMAZING and they deliver all that they promise! I did the home treatment. Very friendly, understanding and helpful staff as well! Amy and Colton thank you and thank you to the creator of Lice Centers of America!!! Yes, I would definitely recommend you to anyone!!!*

JustinSalt Lake City, UT

The staff is friendly and helpful! They are after the same goal you are; to rid yourself of these nasty critters and that is exactly what they did! Easy breezy!*

CamilleSalt Lake City, UT

Very friendly and warm! She made me feel like it was all going to be alright, and helped me to feel unashamed.*

KristinMurray, UT

What a blessing these sweet ladies are!! After several issues with my school kiddos and head lice, ridiculous amounts of cleaning, hours of fine tooth combing and hundreds of dollars in over the counter treatments I contacted them in tears. Not only were they kind and compassionate, but they got us right in. Re-checked everyone and treated where necessary. When we left, it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I left feeling like I had made several new friends and so thankful for their services and expertise! I would highly recommend them to anyone who has had to deal with those little pests! They are kind, professional and educated!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!*

DaelynMurray, UT
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